Texas Cyber Security Complete (T.C.S.)

The T.C.S. Complete Gateway is a unique IP security solution combining video management, access control, video analytics and more onto a single networked platform that can be accessed from anywhere through a common Web browser. Data from these subsystems is automatically correlated into a sophisticated event management system, providing users with a comprehensive view of security operations. Events from all areas of the system including video, access, intrusion, system health and more can be linked to specific actions or automatically send email notifications. Because there is no software to install, the T.C.S. Complete Gateway is a true browser-based solution that can be accessed from any Web-enabled device.

Experience a new level of sophistication at an affordable price.

The T.C.S. Complete Gateway supports multiple streams of digital video in various resolutions and formats plus access control panels and readers from one door to hundreds. It includes a range of intelligent video analytics and forensic analytic capabilities at no additional cost and operates on an intuitive browser-based interface similar to those found in today’s consumer products.

The T.C.S. Complete Gateway is available in a variety of different models please contact Texas Cyber Security to specify the appropriately sized Gateway for your project at: Info@TDAVinc.com


The core of the T.C.S. Complete Control System is its fully integrated video management system, which is networked from the ground-up with all system components to offer a comprehensive view of a facility’s security operations.

Access Control

The T.C.S. Complete Control System includes a fully integrated IP-access control system. The T.C.S. Complete Control System bundles access control software with full-featured video management software as well as video analytics and intrusion detection capabilities, giving users an overarching view of security operations.

Advanced Real-time and Forensic Video Analytics

The T.C.S. Complete Control System includes 10 built-in analytics for people counting, people count direction, line crossing, activity, direction, face capture, perimeter, forensic analytics, dwell time, object taken, object moved. Facial recognition and license plate recognition are available as premium options.

Full Duplex Audio

The T.C.S. Complete Control System includes unprecedented audio functionality for both on-site and remote facilities management. The Gateway offers the ability to send audio alerts via the Gateway’s web interface to notify personnel of an event, enabling swifter response to a security event.

Audio Analytics

Sounds such a glass breaking and gun shots can be automatically recognized to enable immediate action. Glass Break analytic is standard, Car Alarm, Gun Shot and Aggression are available as premium features.

Video Display

Users have the ability to push video to external monitors using the T.C.S. Complete HD Decoder. Drag and drop cameras and other video into customized layouts and push view to external display monitor.


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