Who Does THE cabling in a new space?

Did you know that cabling is often the responsibility of the tenant when moving into a new space? Texas Data and VoIP has been a trusted cabling provider since 1986. Our technicians are all W-2 employees and we are bonded and insured. We do not use contractors to install your cables. Our technicians are trained to install Coaxial, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, Fiber, and more.

Moving to a new office? We can help make the transition go more smoothly by working with you to determine your network infrastructure need. We can assess what is currently installed and provide you with information on what needs to be added or replaced to meet your business needs. There are more network devices today than ever before.

When looking at a new space let Texas Data and VoIP help you determine your network cabling needs. Many offices today have a computer, network printer, and VoIP phone. Having a dedicated line for each device helps to remove points of failures on your network by removing the need for desktop switches.


Cable management is very essential to create a visually pleasing and clean work environment. Managing cables or wires helps to maintain basic functionality as well as protecting devices from the clogged airflow due to unorganized and disordered cables. Tangled Wires or Cables are generally time-consuming to untangle.

Tangled and unorganized cabling takes a significant amount of time to make sense of it all. This may lead to decreased efficiency at work and simple tasks may take much longer than they really should. SO, it is very important to organize and tag and mark the wires and cables with tasks, they are used for.

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