Improve productivity and lower costs with our business VoIP solutions

Boost your business quickly and cost-effectively by changing how you deploy voice communications. Our business VoIP solutions will allow you to deploy advanced IP telephony services just like any other software application. You can host VoIP in TDAV data center and allow your employees to access it via an IP connection, wireless LAN, the cellular network or home broadband.

We can overlay VoIP services on your current technology environment and integrate them right into the applications your teams use every day. And when you want to expand, TDAV will be there to provide all the support for your expansion

Texas Data and VoIP Security, business systems deliver superior performance, system redundancy, and broad application integration that is designed for growing medium-sized businesses that is quick to set up and easy to use. It is an ideal choice when migrating from analog, digital, or hybrid-PBX phone systems.

TDAV Business Systems contains voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence availability, contact center agent support, and video capabilities. These features are integrated as an all-in-one system. This provides highly flexible configuration options and the low total cost of ownership vitally important to businesses with limited IT resources.


Feature and Capabilities

Among the many benefits of the TDAV, Business Systems:

  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Integration of multiple applications through VMware virtualization technology on a single server reduces capital expenses.
  • Consumes Fewer IT Resources: Centralized architecture makes it easy to install, upgrade, back up, or add users.
  • Increases Employee Productivity: Features include powerful speech recognition voicemail and advanced mobility, such as single number reach.
  • Increases Employee Collaboration: Desktop client provides presence status, instant messaging, click to dial, screen sharing, and a voice and video softphone.

Texas Data and VoIP Security create workspaces that provide powerful new ways for customers, coworkers, and partners to collaborate across any collection of devices – on-campus, remote, or mobile.

TDAV ‘s integrated network infrastructure is a critical component for creating collaborative, adaptive workspaces. It’s based on the flexible capabilities of TDAV’s Network Architecture, which:

  • Adds intelligence to the network
  • Creates a systems-level approach to integration
  • Provides policies that address specific business processes
  • Delivers rich, optimal-quality media experiences across any workspace securely
  • Quickly adapts to market changes
  • Establish a highly secure foundation optimized for unified communications, data, and wireless networking
  • Supports for easy and cost-effective connectivity between independent Voice-over-IP (VoIP) networks and analog phone gateways using your existing phone equipment.
  • Connections for all your locations, with support for up 300 users and 10 sites
  • Mobility capabilities at no extra charge to keep you connected at all times
  • Voicemail and auto attendant to help route critical calls and messages
  • PC soft-phone application for desk-phone functionality when traveling
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking capabilities for cost savings

Product Key Features:

Improved Efficiency: TDAV Advanced provides users with the tools to manage and control their personal communications simply and efficiently. TDAV Advanced users are accessible and able to respond immediately through real-time communication methods. Contact information can be launched from caller-ID screen pops, while secure chat and web and video collaboration sessions can be initiated with a single click.

  • Improved Communication Choices: TDAV Advanced enables smarter communication with co-workers, suppliers, and customers. Employees can choose the best method of communication before even initiating contact, thereby improving the efficiency in their interactions with others. By incorporating TDAV Advanced voice communications, conferencing and collaboration capabilities into popular business applications, user productivity can be enhanced with click-to-call from personal information managers (PIMs), Internet Explorer®, and Microsoft Office.
  • Improved Mobility: TDAV Advanced softphone improves the effectiveness and productivity of mobile workers, enabling them to become more accessible to customers, management and their co-workers regardless of location. TDAV Advanced supports integration so that when a user is busy on a call using their mobile device their call status is updated to “in a call”. The mobile call can also be easily retrieved from the TDAV Advanced client, whether in desk phone mode or softphone mode.
  • Improved Integration Options: TDAV Advanced supports an applications programming interface (API) that enables users to embed TDAV Advanced voice communications, conferencing and collaboration capabilities into mission-critical business process systems such as CRM, ERP, and service desk applications. By integrating TDAV Advanced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact information can be launched based on caller ID. IP Telephony generally provides a great return on your investment. Some of the benefits that positively impact on your bottom line positively include:
  • Reduced communications costs and increased productivity for businesses with multiple offices.
  • IP Telephony allows people to work from their homes and still be connected to the office phone system.
  • IP PBX’s are often much easier to administer, reducing the need for service calls.
  • Voice Over IP integration between your phone system and your computer network increases operational efficiency.



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